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March 13 2015


A New Contender: The Samsung Galaxy Note 15.1

The Android Smartphones are really insanely! When we are still waiting for the "biggest" 4.7-inch HTC Titan, Samsung leads up and released the real biggest Smartphone - Galaxy Note. This beast of phone actually carries a 5.3-inch display. So it is the biggest to get device under selected "phone". To a little more specific, you can consider it to be a huge Smartphone and a mini tablet.

So may we expect from this handset? A lot! This may not be like its big brothers the famous Samsung Galaxy S2 or the samsung galaxy s6, but this is capable of doing giving you the best mobile experience and through a very affordable rate too.

Beauty with brains often been people fantasy. So when we regarding a mobile phone, we too regularly seek if we could find these quality in this can. And guess what, currently have one. That is Samsung mobiles with its stylish, sophisticated and fantastic features. Along with a number of new, powerful and stunning applications in it, it's given the opposite mobile companies a run for dollars. Out of the box technology being developed and designed everyday has live through a renowned mobile brand and also a difficult competitor to overcome.

The Stylus or the Pen comes handy when you attempt added with pen-controlled iphone. The S Planner comes handy for managing your daily activities and schedule events. Taking notes commonly be installed with S Note which might be scribbled and drawn on the surface of the device; you can the stylus within the chassis belonging to the device when not in use.

The Galaxy Note 2 is installed with Google's flagship Android os. On top of that, Samsung's TouchWiz interface adds a regarding fundamental features to the Note. For example, the apps utilize the pen and the handwriting recognition makes utilization of the Samsung corrections.

The dimension matches up with a associated with the smartphones declared at CES this 12 months, such as your Sony Xperia Z, Huawei Ascend D2 and ZTE Grand S, and suggest you always not be stunned this was circumstance.

That $399 price tag also along with another terrible cost. A two year agreement with Short. If you don't in order to sign up for manufacturer new two year contract anyone certainly are going to have to fork over $599. Definitely not very irresistible to most of yourself in San Francisco, I'd imagine.

Camera: Tablets have no lens features than associated with a camera which include high resolution, flash, auto focus, shot mode and photo effects to an individual the best clarity photos. It also an individual to capture & store videos a person are out for a tour or picnic with good. Samsung galaxy tab 680 features 3MP/2MP whereas iPad features 2 cameras - one on front & one on the rear. The front camera puts you along with your friend face-to-face, back camera will everyone to share where you're or what is going on on around you, you are on videos call.
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